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The JUV Press for Blender Juicing

The JUV Press for Blender Juicing

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The JUV Press pairs with your blender to make the simplest juicing experience, hassle free.  Simply blend, press, and enjoy!

Say goodbye to bulky, complicated juicers - and hello to juicing simplicity

  • Group 60.png__PID:3df6fa84-8a07-4326-ae80-57a5b039775cPairs with your blender
  • Group 48.png__PID:423df6fa-848a-4723-a6ee-8057a5b03977Dishwasher Safe
  • Group 61.png__PID:f6fa848a-0723-46ee-8057-a5b039775c64Small Footprint

Why You'll Love it

  • Hassle-free: Easy as a smoothie & french press coffee
  • Dishwasher safe: The fastest clean up experience
  • Modular design: Easy to assemble and store 

Care & Cleaning

  • Care: To maximize the life, always rinse the filter right after pressing out juice. 

  • Cleaning: Wash by hand or top rack in the dishwasher.  For deep cleaning, soak in baking soda paste (2 parts baking soda, 1 part water) and scrub with an abrasive sponge. 

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It's Your Blender's BFF.

Easy to Use


Saves Time


Simple to Clean

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JUV Press with faded pineapple and citrus in background

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