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EXCELLENT ! works so well for juice and nut milk. Very very well made and packaged. I highly recommend.

I love it

I’ve been using it for everything - all my friends love it and think it’s genius.
Makes my nut milk life so much more enjoyable

A must-have kitchen essential!

I love & use my JUV press often! Love the quality and design for juicing, making nut milks, mocktails and extracting juice from fruids or veg for salad dressings! I'm sure I'll discover even more ways to use it in the future! No more messy cheese cloths for me nor the need to buy an expensive juicer! Highly recommend!

All-around great company!

The JUV press is fantastic quality and JUV has incredible customer service. Would buy from them again!

Love it

It really does work and I love it

Great product & awesome customer service!

Love this product! Easy, simple, and dishwasher safe. Customer service (Priyanka) was amazing!

Absolutely Smitten

I drank a few pulpy blender juices before realizing something had to change. I made a big mess trying to use a fine strainer and my blender but nothing has made at home juice easier than my juv press. I am making juices every day. It is so much easier to clean the pieces than to mess with a juicer. I highly recommend this product to anyone with a blender and a love for fresh pressed juice.

Amazing product and customer service

Not only is the product just what I’ve been looking for and works like a charm. The customer service I’ve received when i had an issue with the lid was top notch! They are responsive and helpful! Can’t recommend this company and product enough!!

JUV Press

Exactly what I was looking for. Easy to use, clean, and store. I love juicing , the press makes us so much faster without the mess! High recommend!

Celery juice

My first time using a juicer and using the Juv and it was sooooo easy! The clean was so much better than I expected! I can’t wait to juice more!

Just what i needed!

I was looking for something simple and easy to use, hated using my bulky juicer so when i found juv decided to give it a try and so glad i did! Loving it!

Convenient game changer!

I absolutely love how convenient this juicer is. I've always wanted one but the cost was a huge deterret. Having accessibility to a tool to assist with your physical and mental health, like JUV, has been a game changer.


One of those “a ha” moments when juicing becomes so easy. Love our Juv Press!

Love it!

Easy to use and clean. This is exactly what I was looking for. I found that it does help to add water when blending the juice.

Love this Juv Press!

This was such a great purchase. I used to have a juicer, and I found this was much less tedious, less prep and clean up. I’m really happy with this press!


JUV makes juicing so simple! I use it everyday!


i use my JUV every day!!!

Excellent Product

Doing morning celery juice with my vitamix and cheese cloth was always a pain to cleanup - it’s so much easier with the JUV press. Cleanup is simple as the JUV goes right into the dishwasher. Love it!

Juicing Simplified!

I love my JUV Press. The simple and easy method of juicing with JUV has changed my life. No more expensive bottled purchases, or messy blender attempts...JUV does it all.

Best thing I’ve ever bought

I’m completely obsessed. I use my Juv multiple times a day. From making juices to homemade almond milk, this thing is amazing!!


Easy to use and easy to clean up!!

Buy the JUV Press Immediately!!!!!!

The JUV Press is amazing! So easy to use and clean. No more choosing between spending too much money at a juice bar or the undertaking of an hour plus to use old juicer. Worth every penny!!!

Love my JUV!

I love my JUV so much I bought for a friend!

Kitchen Must Have!

Since buying JUV my juicing process has become so simple! I always blended my produce and strained with colanders or cheese cloths and wow does JUV just simplify this long, tedious, and messy method. Its also WAAAY cheaper than buying a juicer!

Super pumped about this! Makes making weekly ginger shots SO much easier! It’s like a French press but for juice. I’m in love. 😍