Hand stretches over JUV Press with palm open about to press down on the empty JUV Press as if juice is being pressed.  On a white background.

Born out of my frustration with juicing, JUV simplifies juicing for busy people. Like you, I live an active and busy lifestyle with no time for nonsense.

-Jai Patel, JUV Founder

How it All Started

It all started with the celery juicing movement. I wanted in on the benefits. But, without a using a juicer.

I didn't have budget for an expensive juicer. Plus, too many friends used them as paper weights - they're a hassle to use, clean and store.

I wanted a simpler way to juice to avoid these pitfalls.

The Experiment

I discovered blender juicing. It was great, conceptually - until I was gagging on the pulp. Gross.

I refused to fail on my mission. Next step was trying to remove the pulp with strainers and nut milk bags.

But, I quickly learned strainers took too much time. And nut milk bags created a countertop mess.

woman pressing the JUV Press making green juice

It suddenly dawned upon me: why couldn't the juice be press out, like a french press does with coffee?

After many iterations, and sleepless nights my vision came to life!

And the The JUV Press was born!

JUV Press with carrots, lemon and ginger on a kitchen countertop with a white backdrop

Now, my goal is to help liberate others, like myself, from the hassle, burden and expense of traditional juicers.

-Jai Patel, Founder of JUV


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