The KISS Method: Crush your juicing goals

The KISS Method: Crush your juicing goals

Do you ever find yourself excited to start a new habit or project only to find yourself looping back to square one? No, this is not a sign the habit/project isn't for you. It's usually a result of being over zealous.

How can you improve the success of your juicing routine?

This starts with KISS. Sure, go ahead and kiss your loved ones. But, in this context, it's the KISS method. KISS is an acronym for "Keep It Simple Stupid". It's almost offensive. But, that's also why it it's so effective. We as humans tend to over complicate. This leads to being overwhelmed, and then not having any time, and then not executing and then back to square one. The intent and desired outcome is envisioned but we end up full circle.
One of the best methods to address this is simple. No, literally. Keeping It Simple Stupid. Instead, think about what's the easiest way to get started juicing. What's the smallest action you can take to begin juicing? Maybe instead of shooting for the fences with that 8 ingredient recipe (many ingredients you may end up wasting), start small. Design your recipe with 2 or 3 ingredient recipe like carrots, ginger, parsley.

Let's take the KISS method a step further

You've got your simple, easy to execute first step. Congrats! Now, the tricky part. Resist the urge to jump from beginner to expert immediately. Instead, prove you can make a habit out of the simple juicing routing. WHY? Well, otherwise, this is exactly where things would fall apart. We shoot for the fences over complicating and then never having time to do it and end up discouraged.  Instead, we suggest, KISS it for a week or two - implement by taking action. Prove to yourself you can do the basics for a period of time - maybe that's a week, maybe two, but whatever works for you. This repetition builds habits making it second nature and as routine and subconscious as brushing your teeth. This is a HUGE first step.

Continuing the KISS train

Take some time to reflect on your progress.  How do you feel about your progress? What is working and what is not?
Once the building blocks are in place, it's easy to iterate a small amount from there. Think about it, if you are already trained to put your clothes on every day with your eyes closed, adding socks into the mix is a nominal change, but minor iteration with forward progress.  But, keep in mind, it needs to be small iterations at a time that you design into your juicing recipes and implement.
Avoid biting off too much at once, so before you decide to go gangbusters stop and reflect again on your juicing progress.  From there make some more iterations into your juicing recipe, implement and reflect again.  Continue through the loop of design--> implement--> reflect--> iterate.  It helps slow things down so you can controllably build solid juicing habits. 
Overtime you'll be adding more to the recipe.  So for example, maybe next you add some beets into the mix. And then you can add some cucumbers. And then some apples. Next thing you know you're reeping the benefits of juicing through your carrot, ginger, parsley, beet and apple juice. But, most importantly, you've built a solid habit that will continue into the future!

Side benefits of KISS.

As if developing positive habits isn't enough! Another benefit of the KISS approach is it ensures effective use of your groceries. You aren't making purchasing decisions based on what you "plan" or "thin" you'll do. But, rather, what you you buy what you need - and you use it all!!
Enjoy your journey. And get your JUV on!
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