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Wonderful Straws

Love these straws - so easy to use/clean!

Nifty Little Gadget!

I was amazed & thrilled with my JUV Press, after using it for the first time! It works so well! It’s so much easier/ less messy & less wasteful, compared to using a cheese cloth or nut milk bag! My juice is smooth & delish! If you have a juicer or are thinking about purchasing a juicer, consider a JUV Press to use alongside it. You will not regret it!

Buy it!

I’ve only recently gotten into juicing and in that short time, I already was annoyed of using a strainer. Once I saw this, I knew I had to have it. With its easy clean up (like seriously, there’s really no cleanup), and how perfectly juiced my ingredients came out - I’m so glad I got it. I tell everyone it’s like a French press but for juice - my friends have already started ordering theirs.


I love this product! It really makes juicing so simple and is very easy to clean.


I was always coming up with excuses as to why I could never juice..too time consuming and the mess! Juv has completely changed my morning routine..I think it’s even making me a better person. ;)


I love my new juv blender! So convenient and easy to clean. And they had great customer service! Highly recommend

I have used this to make Apple Juice so far and it was so good. Looking forward to using it more.

New juicer

I received the JUV juicer and absolutely love it! It’s so easy to use and to clean. Super happy with how it works and it makes great juice:)

LOVE the Juv

"I LOVE the Juv. I've always been a juicer, ginger juice, green juice, all you can think of but a juicer is such a hassle to clean and it's a whole process. The Juv takes all the effort out of that & makes it so simple. I used to use a strainer but it would waste so much juice & the juice would still be pulpy but this does an amazing job and making it smooth & straining everything out in an effortless way. I use it daily for juices and homemade milks and it's truly a game changer."

10/10 Hands down

The Juv Press has seriously made juicing soooo much easier and way more enjoyable! Don’t spend all that money on a big bulky juicer when you can use your own blender and simply squeeze the juice out with the Juv Press! I prep my juices for the week in under 30 minutes. Super easy to use and clean and store!


I love this thing!! I can’t believe I was thinking about spending money on a entire juicer when this is so easy and SO much cheaper!

Recommend to clients!

As a nutritionist, I am SUCH a fan of JUV. It makes eating well so much more accessible due to it's low cost & easy maintenance. After falling in love with it myself, I now I recommend it to all of my clients!

So easy!!

I used to make a mess with cheesecloth trying to squeeze all the juice out, but this press makes it so easy and there is no mess!

It's so easy, I leave it on my coutner top

I tell you, I wasn't a big juicer before this! But, boy did this change how I think about juicing. It's so easy. Who would have thought i could repurpose my blender. I also love leaving it out as a reminder!

One of my favorite things I own!

I use my JUV Press just about every day. It's so easy to use, the design and function are incredible! It gets all the juice out of the fruits and vegetables I use, so I get a great amount out of every use. It's helping me eat/drink healthier, too. I'm so happy with it!

Game-changing Juicer!!

I love my JUV. I started out juicing all the classics including carrots, apples, celery and more and instantly knew the JUV would be a staple in my kitchen arsenal. But it wasn't until I tried juicing my favourite fruit (pomegranates) that I realized just how much I love my JUV.

You see, you can't blend pomegranates or use a conventional juicer because the seeds mix in with the juice and ruin the taste. This is where my Juv comes in. The press easily extracts all of the delicious juice and separates the seeds in the chamber. Game-changing moment when I realized I could do this and not pay insane prices for my favourite juice.

If you love pomegranate juice as much as I do, that alone is a good reason to grab yourself a JUV!!

Wow, it's easy to use!

It clearly easy if my mom can manage to use it. She’s 80.

Love it, so sleek!

I'm like a health freak but never got into juicing. Love the JUV Press because it's so easy and sleek.

It's great!

Wow, I wasn't a juicer before this! It just wasn't my thing. But, the JUV Press makes it just so easy. Also, as a mom, love using this to make healthy drinks for my kids!

Awesome product

Easy to use. Easy to clean. Great value for money

Newbie, loves it

I'm a newbie but, it was just so easy. Took a bit to adjust to the suggested recipes measurements, handfuls not cups!


If you want to not worry about buying a press that will hold up this is the press for you. The quality and durability is there and it works just as easy as Jai says it does.

The JUV Press

Genius invention!

I love the JUV because it is so easy to use and so practical. I highly recommend it to anyone who is new to juicing and doesn’t want to commit to a juicer. Your blender + the JUV will have you set!

sleek design, simple to use

The JUV Press has saved me so much money! I stopped buying juice and now make it myself. It's too easy not to!!

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